Great Minds Think Alike

Actually, if you think about it, they don’t.
The statement implies, perhaps unintentionally, that great minds accept the status quo of what previous great minds have concluded. But that’s never true. New great minds arise by challenging the status quo. By looking at things in new ways, developing new hypotheses and theories, and creating new thought experiments, great minds expand and improve on what has come before by thinking differently. Einstein, Newton, and Galileo are some classic examples.


2 thoughts on “Great Minds Think Alike

  1. See, I always interpreted that statement as, “Presented with the same set of facts, great minds will ultimately all arrive at the same (or similar) conclusion.” Now, obviously, that isn’t necessarily true, since the way people view and process data is going to be colored somewhat by their experiences and backgrounds. But the basic assertion that presented with 1 and 2, a truth-seeker will always arrive at 3 holds true.

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