Facebook is coming for us

Facebook has been persecuting us all year. I guess we’re guilty of too much wrong think.

Recently, both admins received a 3-day ban for posting this meme:

Which is hilarious, right? It’s just a joke. Lighten up Facebook.

Then a week or so ago, Admin 1 received a “temporary” ban on managing the page. I say temporary because that’s what they called it, although no timetable has been set for how long it would be, and so far it has not been lifted. There was also no way to appeal it.

What triggered that ban, you ask? Only the most on point OC we’ve ever created. Namely, this meme:

So “Admin 2” (which is really just Admin 1 running a sock account – we’re a one man operation after all) has been running the page every since.

Well now, I suspect Facebook of running a psyop against us.

Since Friday (12/19), they have stopped showing me any new notifications of reactions or shares. When we open up the  notifications, we see about a dozen in there. They’re all from Friday. They’re all unread. We can’t see any from before or after. If we open them all to mark them read and come back later it’s the same exact ones and they’re all unread.

We believe they are trying to deprive us of the dopamine hit from getting reactions so as to psych us out into thinking the page is dead so we stop posting.

We are not going to stop posting until they forceably unpublished us.

We can still see comments in my inbox. So if you’re a fan of the FB page and want to keep us going and give us some dopamine, don’t just hit like, drop us a comment, preferably a dank meme so we know you’re there.