A Brief, Non-Scholarly Layman’s Analysis of the Debate over COVID Vaccines

At this point from what I’ve seen, it looks like the vaccine is safe. I’m still not sure how effective it is. That remains to be seen. But it doesn’t look like there is a high risk of negative side effects. I’ve heard some things about like a 1 in 100000 or even 1 in a million chance of a blood clotting issue from one of them but that’s nothing really. You have less it a chance of dying from that than from the virus. Come on.

If your response to someone who still has concerns is to grief on them, you have problems and you are not a good person.

I also don’t consider it likely that it’s got any sort of microchip in it. That’s a ridiculous theory. We all already have microchips in our pocket that the NSA is tracking.

However, if you are still hesitant to get the vaccine, I totally understand. If you want to get the vaccine, get it. If you still want to wait or are still concerned, cool.

I’m still probably not going to get it myself just because I’m still not convinced that we can’t get through this thing just fine without it. I’ve never gotten a flu shot and I put this more or less in the same category.

But if your response to someone who still has concerns is to grief on them, you have problems and you are not a good person.

The same is true if you grief on someone who gets or promotes the vaccine. It’s not true that they are a sheep or a boot licker. Chill out people.

But I’ve seen most of the grief directed at the doubters. I don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories going around, but if you think only crazy people are concerned, then you are obtuse and either refuse to or are incapable of understanding things from another person’s perspective.

There are numerous reasons why we might not trust a vaccine produced by the government:

  • They lied to us about MK-Ultra
  • They lied to us about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments
  • They lied to us about Waco
  • They lied to us about 9/11
  • They lied to us about Vietnam
  • For all we know they lied to us about JFK
  • Dr. Fauci himself lied to us about AIDS
  • They lied to us about Afghanistan
  • They’ve been lying to us about the war on terror
  • They lied to us about the 2008 financial crisis
  • They lied to us about the opioid epidemic that they helped Big Pharma create by staying in Afghanistan so they could get cheap access to poppies.
  • And they’ve lied to us numerous times about the COVID-19 pandemic.

So pardon those of us who are hesitant to trust that they’re telling the truth this time.

Present all the facts you want. Reasonable people like myself will listen to you.

But do talk down to us and act like we’re crazy evil people for not lining up to let the government shoot something into our arm just cause they say so.

My official view on this vaccine is that it seems likely to me that, despite the perverse incentives involved, the lingering conscience in our society about right and wrong has led them to produce a relatively effective and safe vaccine. The free market could have produced a better one, but this one will be at least passably good. No worse than government roads. The negatives of this will be seen on the backside when the bill for the allocation of resources for this (not to mention the stimulus) will eventually come due.

If that’s not the case and there is some conspiracy here, then it’s probably just a placebo meant to cover off the fact that COVID is about to run its course and be over soon anyway and the government wants to claim credit so they can tell future kids in school that they saved us from COVID. Just like they tell us they saved us from the Great Depression and big business, and all the other lies they tell us in school so that we worship them as our savior instead of realizing that they hardly ever actually fix anything and usually create problems or make them worse.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s also an opportunity for Fauci and Big Pharma to get in bed together and make billions selling saline to the American public at $20/cc. That theory may not be true, but it’s exactly the kind of thing our government does all the time. Just look at the aforementioned opioid rosebud. So it wouldn’t surprise me. So I think it’s true? I honestly can’t say. But I don’t think it makes the vaccine necessarily dangerous.

In either case, I respect anyone who reviews the facts about the vaccine and goes to get it. I also respect anyone who has reservations and isn’t ready to get it. As I said I’m probably not going to get it.

I remain unconvinced that this disease really is so bad that it requires a mass vaccination to get through it. I mean just look at these charts. that show we’ve been on the backside of this thing since January. This can’t be due to the vaccine, since almost nobody was fully vaccinated before February.

Here’s the chart of vaccinations for comparison. (Note that the Y axis is shifted due to there being no vaccines before around the New Year).

So either way, we’re going to recover from this with or without the vaccine. The vaccine may help some, but it won’t be necessary. Yet the government is going to make themselves the savior. None of what they’ve done has saved us, and I resent that. I resent that they have used it as an excuse to seize power and that they are holding our freedom hostage on contingency of getting the vaccine (whether that’s through passports or just waiting to open up until we reach 80% vaccination), so I’m a little reluctant to play ball with them or their apologists.

I give the benefit of the doubt that our governing officials have had noble intentions behind pushing the vaccine and also behind the lockdowns. This time. What concerns me is that if we’re so quick to go along with this then what’s to stop them from trying it again with less than noble intentions. Those of us who stand up and push back serve an important function in society. I wish there were less of us who were batty about it. That ruins our credibility. Nevertheless you need us.

Bottom line, stop being jerks to each other on the Internet.