Legislate Morality?

I read these comments from Al Mohler on Facebook:

“The argument for removing polygamy laws was simple: the state has no business legislating morality. But every legislature legislates morality. Every code of laws is a codex of morality. The law is itself inherently and inescapably moral, even irreducibly moral. The law can’t be anything other than a moral statement.”

In my early days, I made that argument rather vigorously, but have now come to modify my position. It is not so much that I have abandoned what I once believed, but that I now understand the nature of that belief with greater clarity.

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That’s a Rip Off!!!

Why is scalping a crime? I’ve never been able to figure this out. What’s scalping?

To resell at a price higher than the established value: scalping tickets to the baseball game.

What is “established value”? Established value refers to the price printed on the ticket. In other words it’s the price that the box office of the venue or the performer has decided to sell the ticket for. So the simple answer to this question is, scalping is a crime because you’re ripping someone off by selling them something that isn’t worth what you asked them to pay you.

But is that a crime?

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The Root of All Nanny Statism

“A great silent collapse, an enormous unspoken disappointment, has in our time fallen on our Northern civilization. All previous ages have sweated and been crucified in an attempt to realize what is really the right life, what was really the good man. A definite part of the modern world has come beyond question to the conclusion that there is no answer to these questions, that the most that we can do is to set up a few notice-boards at places of obvious danger, to warn men, for instance, against drinking themselves to death…” – G.K. Chesterton, Heretics.

No wonder we have so many public service announcements on TV and so many Nanny State laws!!!

Legislating Morality

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t legislate morality?” Ever wonder whether it’s true? People love to debate this topic. The fact of the matter is, people seem to think that you can. Whether it is the militant religious right attempting to push Biblical morality on the nation, or whether it’s those godless commie liberals who want everyone to hug trees1, many people – at least those in power – seem to be interested in behavior modification. But what’s a Biblical Perspective on this? I’ve written before on Theonomy, but here’s another observation:

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