The purpose of this website is to engage our world with the truth of God’s Word and a priori deductive reasoning, particularly in the realm of political and economic theory.

Here at Truth and Liberty, our epistemology begins with the existence of God, who is the necessary precondition for such things as goodness, truth, beauty, morality, and reason. Apart from a God who is good, true, beautiful, moral, and logical, these things cannot exist. The words might exist, but they would have no substantial meaning.

This God has revealed himself in the inspired and infallible text of the Bible to humans he has created in his own image with minds capable of receiving and understanding his revelation. These minds are also capable of using a priori deductive reasoning to know truth not directly revealed in Scripture.

Mankind has rebelled against God and in doing so has suppressed the truth in unrighteousness. God has given mankind over to a debased mind in which his ability to use reason has become impaired by his preference for sin and idolatry. Nevertheless, the laws of logic themselves are unchanged, and the man of faith who believes in God and builds his worldview on the foundation of Jesus Christ, can employ the laws of logic to know truth.

Truth is best known through a priori deductive reasoning with the starting point of God’s Revelation. These truths can be confirmed by empirical data, but they cannot be denied by it. For empirical data must be interpreted through the lens of an a priori worldview. Even the empiricist does this. He can’t escape it, no matter how badly he wants to! This then means that the worldview of the empiricist who denies the a priori position must stand up to a priori reasoning. If it is found to be illogical, self-contradictory, or absurd, then the data must be re-evaluated with a better worldview.

Studying God’s word is a cycle of drawing from the text the a priori truths necessary to form that worldview (because these are the truths God has revealed to us to use), and also checking our interpretation of the text against those a priori truths to ensure we are not creating some sort of error. These two activities are known as Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology. They are both necessary and complementary and together give us the Christian Worldview.

Truth and Liberty applies the Christian Worldview to issues of anthropology, religion, culture, justice, economics, and politics to determine what we believe God says about the world around us, and to determine how we should engage in the current cultural frenzy. Our primary goal should be to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the eyes of the World. But what should our views be on issues like taxation, gun control, economic policy, foreign policy, drugs, healthcare, conflicts between the police and people in their communities, etc? We can only approach this by starting with the Biblical Worldview.

Here at Truth & Liberty, such reasoning leads us to the Theological position of Reformed Theology (specifically Reformed Baptist Federalist Covenant Theology in keeping with the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, 5+ Point Calvinism, and Amillenialism), and the Political position of Rothbardian/Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism. Yes, these two are compatible!

Join us as we dive into these things.

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